Sonic Youth and the Melvins

Album revivalists score with the indie geeks for the Don't Look Back tour series

Of course, just because a faithful admirer comes knocking on the door — or on the old bank account — doesn't mean every act is stoked about sticking to old material. Hogan admits he has to do some explaining occasionally. "Sometimes they'll say, 'I don't want to look back, I want to focus on the future,'" he says. "I think some artists think we're insulting them by saying, 'Yeah, you did some great records but your new stuff isn't that great.' We say to them we're trying to celebrate a particular record ... and they're still great."

Sometimes even those solid assurances won't convince the stubborn, though. Just ask Primal Scream, whom Hogan recently asked to perform the psychedelic space-rock ride Screamadelica."Their reaction was, 'We can't create that record live,' to which I call bullshit. Of course they can," says Hogan. "If we can get Tortoise to go do [the experimentally constructed] Million Now Living Will Never Die, Primal Scream can get off their ass and do Screamadelica.But then, they probably just don't want to." In the meantime, though, Hogan continues catering to album zealots, and from the looks of things, the fans are scooting off their derrières to sold-out shows with the same passion the Primal Scream lot sits on theirs.

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