OK, You're a Cab

It must have been a pain in the neck to organize "Where To: Artists Implore a Cab." All 15 of the artists in this group art exhibit did a ride-along with a taxi driver during the 10- to 12-hour late shift -- members of the curatorial group, the Lower Back Tattoo Collective, must have done some real sweet talking to convince cabbies to let weirdos like Matt Furie sit in their passenger seat all night. But they did, and "Where To" is the result. The experience must have been a rich source for inspiration, since it seems impossible to complete such a marathon without learning something new. Matt Furie seems to have learned that he could not understand what his cabbie was saying, which is not a revelation, but in Furie's hallmark wiggly-line drawing style, it is wittily rendered. Andrew Junge, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, and many others contribute.
July 27-Aug. 25

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