Sweet Blossom, Come On

Guess what, Summer of Love haters? Hippies don't give a big stoned fuck what you think about them. Deadheads, baby boomers, jam rockers, peaceniks, and the merely high gather to celebrate the Grateful Dead's iconic leader at Jerry Day, and there's not a damn thing angry little hipsters or uptight Republicans can do about it. The flower children are coming out today, and they're going to space-dance, wear tie-dyes with their khakis, and smell hecka funky. They won't even be aware that you wish they'd kill themselves, or that you're all pissy about their Social Security money or whatever. They want to remember their hero from the Excelsior District, and rainbow brother, they will. Melvin Seals & JGB, Workingman's Ed, and Jelly perform.

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