Party Heart-y

In the late 1970s, there was a cultural-center boom. (Compare to the dot-com boom: Which do you like better?) The SomArts Cultural Center, the African-American Art & Culture Complex, the Bayview Opera House, and the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts all sprung to life at that time. In addition, the Asian & Asian Pacific, Queer, and Native American "virtual" centers got started and remain in varying stages of brick-and-mortar. Let's hear it for the Consortium of Community Cultural Centers.

From mid-July to late this month, "Corazon en Fiesta" celebrates 30 years of the MCCLA. Don't you wish you had been there in 1977? We're thinking lowriders and bell-bottoms galore. Drool! The closest you can get is to be here now, and check out the stellar art exhibit featuring local and simpatico contributors including Ester Hernandez, Katia Fuentes, Carlos Cartagena, Juan Fuentes, and many others.
Aug. 10-25

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