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This summer's "Free Enterprise" residencies at Southern Exposure have allowed artists to make a buck by attempting to work within a traditional capitalistic framework (if business plans such as a pie-delivery service can be considered traditional). The latest entrepreneurs, artists Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, are launching a subscription-based art project called The Thing Quarterly. Although their project carries all the signifiers of a magazine subscription (you pay for issues and they arrive in the mail), they're not sending you a publication. We're not exactly sure what they're sending, but the pair has admitted that it will be a "household object that incorporates text."

A one-year, four-issue subscription goes for the low price of $120. For those who think that $120 is actually a high price, consider this: The first "thing" was created by Berkeley-born Miranda July, author (No One Belongs Here More Than You), filmmaker (Me and You and Everyone We Know), and artist (she's no stranger to the Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney). The following issues will be created by other prominent artists, including Anne Walsh, Kota Ezawa, and Trisha Donnelly. Just like any publication, The Thing will be mailed all over the country and hopefully the world. But locals, if they can handle a ball of twine, can get a sneak peek at The Thing Wrapping Party, in which guests wrap the debut issue for mailing and enjoy music and food.

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