Love Juice

If you’re really smart and can follow a conversation about poststructuralist existentialism as easy as the rest of us can track one about lunchmeat, then you might get a full appreciation of what’s going on in The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai. Most, however, won’t get past the sex. As characters probe the mysteries of the universe and philosophy, they do the same to each other. That means they’re screwing, heartily, in a raw, low-budget manner that would fit right in with Japan’s soft-core “pink film” (pinku eiga) market. Actually, Mitsuru Meike’s movie once did, in its original incarnation as Horny Home Tutor: Teacher's Love Juice. Now released as a director’s cut, the expanded film brings the gloriously wacky story line to a ramshackle fruition. Very roughly, an escort takes a bullet to the brain, becomes a genius-level psychic spewing metaphysical questions (which in no way alters her taste for the bedroom!), and runs from gangsters intent on a bizarre little item in her purse: a clone of George Bush’s finger, which can bring about nuclear apocalypse. The finger is also imbued with strange powers of its own -- it’s horny -- and ultimately goes right where you expect.
Aug. 16-20

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