Come Together

When was the last time you were surprised to find yourself in tears? It's a rare experience to weep unexpectedly: One minute you're sitting there thinking, "This movie is pretty cool. I like the music," and the next you're suppressing a sob and looking around to make sure no one saw you. But it happens, and it could happen to you during the Headlands Center for the Arts and SF Cinematheque screening called "Reconciliation." The program features short and feature-length movies, mostly by current or former artists in residence at the Headlands' magnificent campus. We've already told you a million times about Bill Daniel's hobo graffiti opus Who Is Bozo Texino. But also scheduled is Vanessa Woods' The Stillness in the Room, a damaged-stock piece concentrating on British death and mourning rituals. Also, it turns out that art film veteran Roger Deutsch (of Dead People and Blank Generation fame) lives in the Bay Area these days. His contribution here, Mario Makes a Movie, sums up filmmaking with the line: "I thought you might be interested to see something I saw."
Thu., Sept. 13, 8 p.m.

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