A long time ago, in a Canada far, far away, a teenage Neko Case wrote a song called "Very Missionary." These days, Case is a great and relatively famous musician, but back then, she was just a weird kid in a fur bikini. Anyway, the song is about the horror of the missionary position, the joys of the missionary position, the horror of Eric Clapton, and the genius of Hank Williams. "I hear you on the radio, I dance around in place/ Your country licks and guitar picks make tears roll down my face/ Your songwriting is classy, to heartache you’re the host/ That's why I think Hank, you are the most," go the lyrics to this completely bizarre song, written with and for her then-band Maow. At the Hank Williams Birthday Karaoke Sing-Off, pay your own strange-sounding tribute to the man who gave us "Lost Highway," "Hey, Good Lookin,'" and "Alone and Forsaken," among many other deathless ditties. Take inspiration from the young Case, and let your freak flag fly as you whine out "Jambalaya" or "My Son Calls Another Man Daddy." In years past, the event has included a live band playing behind would-be Hanks, but at press time this was not confirmed for this year. Either way, please wear a fur bikini. Hank would've wanted it that way.
Thu., Sept. 20, 7 p.m.

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