Friends, Not Food

Hmm, wonder whether Morrissey has plans to visit the World Veg Festival Weekend? Is it mere coincidence that Mr. "Meat Is Murder" performs immediately prior to the huge pro-legume fest? Alas, the beloved former singer for the Smiths is moving on to Las Vegas after his show Thursday, and he'll miss his many non-animal-eating compatriots at the World Veg Fest, where cooking demonstrations, pro-animal lectures, health information, and more tout the meatless lifestyle. He'll also lose out on bushels and bushels of some of the world's best (if we do say so ourselves) heirloom, organic, fancy-pants, dry-farmed, biodynamic, and otherwise mouthwatering fruits and vegetables. But we do think it's excellently vegetarian of him to demand that the Fillmore stop serving meat while he's there. So hardcore!
Sept. 29-30, 10 a.m., 2007

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