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One hears stories about literature graduate students and the library carrels they get keys to. Such desk-sized offices are private, and for people already turned on by books, well, one hears stories. Good stories. Author and editor Kevin Bentley worked in a bookstore for nine years, and apparently, libraries aren't the only book-filled rooms to see action. As the editor of several anthologies, such as Demon Lovers and Afterwords: Real Sex From Gay Men's Diaries, he's got the chops to pull together a smart and slutty group of stories. Jim Coughenour, Danny Gruber, Ron Gutierrez, Simon Sheppard, and Bentley himself contribute to Sex By the Book, which, taken as a whole, depicts a world where literacy and hotness are not mutually exclusive. Remember the words of the great John Waters: "If you go home with someone, and there are no books in their apartment, do not fuck them."
Thu., Sept. 27, 7:30 p.m., 2007

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