The Spamburglar

Though Neil Hamburger's reputation is built on the thousands of witty and thoughtful jokes he has penned, we can also thank him for providing the answers to many of life's remaining mysteries. For example, who besides "America's $1 Funnyman" would have the insight to tell us that the reason the Red Hot Chili Peppers went "Under the Bridge" was because "they heard that there was a plate of shit down there that they could jerk off into?" Or explain that Madonna feeds her children Alpo dog food because the substance naturally comes out of her breasts? In truth, Gregg Turkington developed the Neil Hamburger character in attempt to create the worst stand-up comedian and greatest audience adversary in entertainment history, and many would consider him successful. Taking the stage in a rumpled tux with a pasted-in-place comb-over, Hamburger parodies a washed-up/unwashed Bob Hope-era entertainer who constantly clears his throat, alternates disgusting punch lines and nonsense catchphrases, and possesses the comic timing of 9/11. It's safe to assume most of tonight's crowd will be in on the joke, but there is still something great about seeing Neil perform for an audience that has no idea who he is. If a riot doesn't erupt, it can be quite magical.

Pleaseeasaur opens.
Sat., Sept. 29, 9 & 11:30 p.m., 2007

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