Lady Genius

Shimmering, clean keyboards back up syncopated boy-girl harmonies for a harsh but pretty effect when Lady Genius takes the stage. Oh, sure, there's a plain guitar/bass/drum setup in there too, but this new local band is in the indie-wall-of-sound realm, so we hesitate to call it rock. We don't want to mislead you: This five-piece has too much sugar to be rock. In fact, Lady Genius even seems to be chewing some bubblegum, if you know what we mean. Good early-1960s bubblegum, but still, it's an unusual pop influence, at odds with the folk and metal that seem to lay down the law for a lot of groups. The result is like the Magnetic Fields crash-landing a flying saucer in New Pornographers-land. Bonus: Art world man-about-town Brian Caraway plays guitar. Lady Genius and the Fuxedoes open for the Damnettes.
Thu., Oct. 4, 9:30 p.m., 2007

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