Q-Tip and Trentemoller

Call off the genre holy wars — Anders Trentemøller preaches an electronic gospel that even the far-flung tribes of Technopolis can agree upon. The Danish producer's albums (like the haunting Last Resort) flow between misty ambience and dusky dub melancholia, while his live sets jump from gushing electro into thickets of IDM glitchery and back again. With sounds that juice the cerebellum even as they jolt limbs into motion, Trentemøller's distinctive remixes of artists like Röyksopp, the Knife, and Moby are as cerebral as they are crowd-pleasing. You can use your mind — or lose your mind — when Trentemøller brings his synth to the Mezzanine on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. Admission is $15; call 625-8880 or visit www.mezzaninesf.com for more information. John Graham

Rapper Q-Tip is about to drop the bomb when The Renaissance comes out on Dec. 18, if the first single off his long-delayed follow-up to Amplified is any indication. "Work It Out" has a swinging, self-produced beat, and Tip's distinctive flow will drive fans onto the dance floor from the very first notes. Of course, Q-Tip also has enough of a back catalogue to perform live for days — five albums with A Tribe Called Quest, plus the banging single "Vivrant Thing" and guest appearances with Sergio Mendes, the Beastie Boys, Deee-Lite, and about a hundred others. Most importantly, the entertainer has the stage presence to keep it all interesting. Q-Tip performs Wednesday, Oct. 10, at the Independent at 9 p.m. Admission is $25; call 771-1422 or visit www.theindependentsf.com for more info. —Toph One

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