Maybe Seeing Isn't Believing

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If you're lucky, you'll get age-related macular degeneration. You won't be able to see very much, or read, but you'll be that thing we all secretly want to be: old. And if you're like Ida Berkowitz, this will not prevent you from being soothed and enriched by painting. Go Ida! At "Insights 2007," blind and visually impaired artists present their view of the world. Whether legally blind since the age of 13, possessed only of peripheral vision, or somewhat impaired as the result of an accident in their adult life, the artists here (like Ida, who exhibited acrylics last year) see plenty. The richness of vision and the skill many use to represent it -- in media such as hand-torn paper, Venetian glass tile, and clay in addition to traditional paints, pencils, and photographs -- is bound to open eyes.
Oct. 12-Dec. 7, 2007

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