Go S.F.! Beat L.A.!

In spite of being a local tradition, the Exotic Erotic Ball always seems so L.A., with its emphasis on men looking at tan chicks with fake boobs. San Francisco has usually been more about exposing your pale, even flabby self in a shameless, happy way. Exhibitionism and sexual self-expression is for anyone who wants it, not just for those who live by the Barbie-doll rules – isn’t that why you moved here in the first place? Suggestion: When you see some fully clothed dude snapping pictures at Exotic Erotic, pull his pants down and take his picture. At this year's event, not only do entertainers include a local burlesque/circus troupe, Peaches, and Leonid the Magnificent, who claims to "make Liberace look mainstream," but Snoop Dogg is also on the bill. We can't actually recommend the pantsing technique for Mr. Dogg, but it would be so S.F. to try it. A sister event, the Exotic Erotic Expo, runs Oct. 26-27.
Sat., Oct. 27, 8 p.m., 2007

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