That Cracka's Crazy

On his 2006 CD, Two Drink Mike, comedian Mike Birbiglia reclaims the C-word. No, not the C-word that will inspire your girlfriend to hurl a coffee mug at your temple. We're talking about — oh, let's just let him explain: "I like using the C-word, like, me and my cracker friends were driving down the street in my Volvo station wagon and I said, 'Hey, cracker, pass the Sun Chips.' And he says, 'Not till we get to the picnic, cracker.' And I say, 'Cracka, please.'" Despite the cracka bit, Birbiglia isn't what you might call a race comic (à la Sarah Silverman). His material covers a wide range of topics: gay cats who criticize your wardrobe, accidentally listening to Christian rock on the radio, and grapefruits that are also cameras. Even though Birbiglia's act can get a little blue, for the most part his shtick is goofy and even sweet — like when he professes his love of pizza, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and panda porn. Hey, wait — panda porn? Cracka, please.

Birbiglia is in town tonight as part of his Comedy Central-sponsored tour promoting his new CD, My Secret Public Journal Live.
Tue., Oct. 30, 8 p.m., 2007

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