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Jesse Houlding creates fluid light installations that look a little like the aurora borealis, a little like deep ocean mating rituals, and a little like the night sky in 2107, once spaceships become organic and unfurl across the stratosphere. He gets these ghostly effects though delightfully lo-tech means. He shines incandescent lights through slits in sheets of paper, and the images project onto semi-opaque plastic sheeting. Rigged to a mechanical contraption, the lights rotate. As you walk around the dark room — for this exhibit, the room he created is 30 feet long — your conception of the displays changes. Although the result is otherworldly, the idea is grounded: The title of the exhibit, "Telluric Currents," refers to electrical currents that move through the Earth, and the slits in the paper are based on "scientific drawings depicting lines of force."
Oct. 31-Nov. 24, 2007

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