Stop Complaining and K’vetsh

If you're normal, you sit around wondering where all the cool people are tonight. Where are the creative, confident, bizarre people who very likely might be famous someday? Where is the sexy artists' enclave waiting to welcome you and inspire you to do greater things? Where's the fucking John Waters convention you thought San Francisco would be? You silly thing. It's at the corner of Potrero and Mariposa, once a month. Here at K'vetsh queer open mic, at Sadie's Flying Elephant, the glamorous, the witty, and the weird shine through the dark night in exactly the way you've pictured. At the K'vetsh 11th Anniversary, though, the mic is not open. It's more like a best-of, with only former featured readers, all off-kilter, all brilliant, all hot. Our favorites include superstud photographer and Lexington Club bartender Ace Morgan, bookstore kingpin and author Alvin Orloff, and trans deity writer Charlie Anders, but there are many others. Regular co-hostess and bon mot-arian Tara Jepsen is on tour with Sister Spit, sadly, but regular co-host and bon mot-arian Kirk Read shares his duties with local filmmaker Samara Halperin.
Sun., Nov. 4, 9 p.m., 2007

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