Every Inch a King


Through Nov. 18 at Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant (at Ellsworth), Berkeley. Tickets are $9-25; call 510-558-1381 or visit

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This show, while sweet and mildly funny, doesn't live up to the capable talents of its actresses or writer and director Gary Graves. It's a slight affair, following the story of three grown daughters as they wrestle with what to do with a cranky old man with 1,000 acres of valuable land and a habit of wandering outside in the nude. The actresses — all three of whom were part of the original Central Works production in 2002 — bounce off one another with ease. Sandra Schlechter is particularly endearing as Gwen, a kindergarten teacher and amateur apothecary. Yet when the fireworks of long-term grudges finally erupt, they are quickly patched over. What we are left with instead is a slapstick search for dad that doesn't pack the punch and the wickedly funny family insight promised by the rest of the play.

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