Drink Me

An elixir, you'll remember from your alchemy phase in college, is a potion or substance — a brew, if you will — capable of prolonging life and/or turning base metals into gold. Similar transmutations expect to flow out of Eve's Elixir: Tasting Forbidden Dance, a night of dance that gathers up a bunch of world traditions, such as flamenco, Persian, and Arabic dance, and throws them into the contemporary, free-form scenes of jazz, modern dance, and even burlesque. The choreographers and dancers, Bay Area residents Holly Shaw, Mira Betz, and Hannah Romanowsky, specialize in traditional dance, and Eve gives them a chance to break free of the forms and add innovation. Shaw puts an Ella Fitzgerald song over flamenco and tap from old Hollywood movies, Betz adds a little Barbary Coast burlesque to her Middle Eastern technique, and Romanowsky adds modern moves to classical Persian dance.
Nov. 16-17, 8 p.m., 2007

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