"If you know the city, then why can't you find a place to get your hair cut?" asks Fresno's Rademacher. It's a messed-up question from a great band. Who CAN find a place to get a haircut? Is not the world of styling salons like some kind of fifth dimension, where things fold in on each other, and everyone is speaking your first language, but you can't understand them? It's just this kind of bizarre question that keeps the band going with its passionate shouting and syncopated guitar/bass rock candy: The singer usually sounds a little bit confused, in a way that makes you like him a lot right away. People say the quartet sounds like Pavement, which it does. But front guy Malcolm Sosa admitted in a recent interview that he's "in love with Mates of State," which doesn't really tell you much about Rademacher's sound, just its spirit.

The band continues a four-week residency, playing every Wednesday through Nov. 28.
Wed., Nov. 21, 9 p.m., 2007

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