Borrowing Some Cash

Johnny Cash is gone, but he left Jesse Morris and the Tenderloin Two to do his work down here. Hardcore Cash fans might scowl at Morris' Mohawk hairdo and filthy language, but they'll get marrow-deep chills to hear him sing, the Man in Black's own deep croon rolling out of his mouth. He probably makes his rent playing covers in a BART station, where commuters hurl money at a guy they must think is a ghost. He and the Two play originals in what they call a "DayQuil Blues" style at A Night of Laffs and Licks — we suggest screaming for "Satan's Teeth." The event also features comedian Moshe Kasher, Dr. Demento alum Mark Silverman (no relation to Sarah, as far as we know), and NASCAR poet laureate Bucky Sinister.
Sat., Dec. 1, 9:30 p.m., 2007

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