I Do Adore: Women Photographers

Google "female energy," and you'll find a predictable mishmash of New Age lunar philosophy and a strange reference to the architecture of the Sydney Opera House. Clearly, the Googleverse hasn't yet connected with the X-chromosome vibes put off by the women photographers collected in Receiver Gallery's latest group show. It's always a little strange when art is categorized by gender: You wonder at the limitation, and whether there's (shiver) a political agenda. The only agenda at "I Do Adore," however, seems to be a love of the lens. The show includes Emily Shur, whose celebrity photos have shown up on the covers of Bust and World Wrestling Entertainment magazines; Ye Rin Mok, who pairs models and landscapes in ways that manage to be both lush and stark; and Claire Weiss, who has photographed Jack Black grinning maniacally in front of a semi truck and Daryl Hannah in a wheelbarrow. The energy here is kind of sparkly and attuned to the beauty inside us all. That didn't sound New Age-y, did it?

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