Cute Overload

Where did the "country kitchen" aesthetic come from? What's with the geese? We don't get it. The copper pots and greyish-blue fabric mania that seems to have much of our fine nation in a death grip is not, repeat not, our bag. The organizers of Bazaar Bizarre agree, and have taken the nu-craft movement to its logical conclusion: a roving craft fair featuring handmade items conservative folks wouldn't like at all. However, BB has much in common with your Grandma's craft fair: The post-punk set may not go for geese, but boy, do we like owls. We like really messed-up plush figures, too: I Heart Guts makes stuffed-animal versions of all your favorite internal organs, while Sweet Meats does cuts o' beef. Jewelry, lamps, pins (Dandy Brand specializes in owl pins), ceramics, T-shirts, and much more is on display here, much of it re-used, sustainable, and otherwise sensibly produced. Hey, wait, Grandma would like that.
Sat., Dec. 15, 11 a.m., 2007

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