Fun With Veggies

In this season of robust, often virtuoso eating, braced by a free-range turkey on one end and a pineapple-topped aw-fuck-it Christmas ham on the other, let's take a moment to consider the other items on the plate. Namely, the veggies. These little fuckers hardly get their due, burdened as they are by the phrase "winter vegetables," which calls to mind frozen soil, stew, and the 17th century. Maria Forde's exhibit "The Fetching Veggie Etchings," however, brings a bit of the summery goodness to the nutritious items, giving "life to a variety of underappreciated vegetables" -- and that goes for squash, too. The delicate, charming pieces make use of a variety of materials and methods, such as etchings, fabric, and collage, and Forde even apprenticed as a master framer to get the frames right.

The results are as precious as a baby carrot.
Dec. 15-22, 2007

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