Here To Stay

Twenty years is an eternity for any organization. Even families don't always last that long, let alone non-profit art galleries. So "In the Fullness of Time: Celebrating Twenty Years" is an Everest, in a way. It's the Great Wall, the Grand Canyon, and the Man In Black of art exhibits. There's probably nothing like it on earth. Are we exaggerating? Consider this: One of San Francisco's coolest artists, the universally loved late Margaret Kilgallen, is among the exhibitors. She made some ephemeral mural works for a show long ago, so this exhibit's curators and gallery staff are carefully taking layers of paint off the walls in order to uncover the old images. They're calling the project "Finding Margaret."

The other 60-some contributors, chosen from the hundreds of artists who have shown here in the past, also boast impressive credentials. Kilgallen's husband and co-Mission School superstar Barry McGee, the totally brilliant Julio Morales, famous tagmaster Neckface, letter and number maven Tauba Auerbach, and everybody's favorite, Xylor Jane, are just a few of them.
Dec. 14-Jan. 30, 2007

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