New Graf

Graffiti art continues to move from the alleyways to the galleries, and often retreats structurally from explosive outlaw murals to smaller, more traditional canvases. This trend is a well-documented mixed bag, as some say it enlivens the art world and gives scrawlers their due, while others see it as a sad domesticating ritual. At "Rubicon Sun," graffiti-bred artists David Ellis and Doze Green are set to slip through the fingers of anyone's confining preconceptions by turning a two-story gallery into a spray-can wonderland. Using "drawing, painting, sculpture, music, kinetic movement, sound, light, projection, and film," the pair team up to put street ingenuity to work, in the welcoming environment of a gallery that gets it. Sounds like the best of both worlds.
Dec. 13-Jan. 4, 2007

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