Scared Straight

In 2005, the A.C.T. reworked A Christmas Carol, and we understand you might have questions: Is Tiny Tim an adorable little cripple? Is Scrooge like an evil Jean-Luc Picard? Are supporting characters so good-natured it feels like your head might pop off? Right-o! Of course, it wouldn't be A Christmas Carol without a plague of unrepentant do-goodery and blathering Christmas cheer, but thank God they didn't let up on the scary bits. When Jacob Marley rises out of the bed, all smoke and chains and meth hair, looking like Divine after a bad weekend, he's inserting himself into the nightmares of the little ones around you. (The Ghost of Christmas Past, however, is on a swing, gaily outfitted in pastels.)
Dec. 5-23, 7 p.m., 2007

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