The Thin Man

Hot on the heels of his smashing screen success with Down Syndrome and snails in 2005's What Is It?, dashing auteur and man-about-town Crispin Hellion Glover brings breathless audiences It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine, a new tale of hope, yearning, passion, psychological horror, sex, fetish, madness, and severe cerebral palsy. Yes, Glover has his hands in another weird one. But here's the thing: the reviews of the film, a portrait of Steven C. Stewart -- a man with severe cerebral palsy who plays a man with severe cerebral palsy -- are quite good. On Glover's Web site, quotes like "It works" and "Four stars!" appear right alongside the usual stuff that makes people crowd to Hellion's films, such as "hallucinatory luridness" and "an exercise in midnight movie madness." The plot, in short, is that Stewart gets the chicks, murderous things happen, and it's weird. You also can't understand what Stewart says, due to the palsy, but people in the film can. (Sadly, Stewart died shortly after filming in 2001.) Here's another reason we like Glover: He's very accommodating to his groupies, chaperoning his films around the country. Tonight he presents It Is Fine! along with a Q&A and his Big Slide Show, which is a thing of genius, with the excitable Glover standing onstage, narrating photographs, exquisitely tortured. And if you bring one of his books, he'll sign it, so pick up Oak Mot, Concrete Inspection, or Rat Catching ASAP and share some words with the maestro.
Dec. 14-16, 8 p.m., 2007

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