Insurgent General's Report

Meet the new year, same as the old year: The American occupation of Iraq continues. And so does the tide of films dealing with the war. From heat-of-the-moment soldier sagas (Occupation: Dreamland) to historical overviews that will stand forever (No End in Sight), seemingly every angle has been shot. Except, that is, the P.O.V. of the (pick your term) insurgents/terrorists/freedom fighters. In Meeting Resistance, journalist-cum-filmmakers Steve Connors and Molly Bingham interview a cross-section of individuals dedicated to fighting U.S. forces. A special-forces vet who formed his own cell, a housewife who carries guns under her chador, a young Syrian who embraced the call to jihad -- their identities are concealed but their voices are clear. This quietly chilling portrait of implacable opposition was shot in 2003-04; one can only imagine how scary a sequel would be.
Jan. 4-16, 2008

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