Getting Off Scot Free

Having recently watched Saving Grace, we've had Craig Ferguson on the brain. Ferguson wrote and starred in the film, which concerns the fun to be had in combining sweet little old ladies and high-grade marijuana. Anyone who worked in theaters when it first came out can tell you it's extremely popular among sweet little old ladies. But Ferguson is of course best-known for being the unfailingly funny and thoughtful host of The Late Late Show. He's probably second-best known for impersonations of Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Although Scottish (Glaswegian, to be exact), Ferguson enjoys stating repeatedly that he loves the U.S. of A., and he's on a campaign to become an Honorary Citizen of all U.S. states and cities. Perhaps Mayor Newsom will make Ferguson an H.C. of S.F. He wrote a whole movie about bud -- many of us merely live in a movie about bud. We could really use a guy like Ferguson around here, Gav!
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