Be My Baby

At Babes & Babies, fashionistas Appel and Frank display 50 designers of clothes and other stuff for moms and kids, including a no-water, no-rinse cleaner called Momspit. Tee hee! Our favorites include local company Saltybaby's "Nutrition Bib," which tells you what percent of the RDA of chubby cheeks you'll get if you eat your baby. Circle of Friends kids' bath stuff has funny little stories about international kids on its products: Anyone know a 7-year-old who compulsively reads labels? Then there's another S.F. outfit, Lulee Babes, offering tiny Hawaiian-style shirts so little Jeffy can match dad's laid-back look. Best of all is gDiapers, a new, reasonable-sounding alternative to the ecological disaster of disposables as well as to cloth diapers' ... challenges. Appel and Frank events tend to offer sweets, minimassages, lots of jewelry, and killer goodie bags, too.
Sun., Feb. 10, 9:30 a.m., 2008

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