You Bright, Risen Angels

Tonight, the art in the exhibit "Blackout" will be doing double duty: first, it will illuminate your thinking, inspire your senses, all that bullshit. Second, it will illuminate, period. No other light will be allowed to shine at this opening reception, save what is coming from the art. Unless most of that art has the same shape and functionality as a desk lamp, it should be quite a show. Curators Amy Cancelmo and Kevin E. Taylor have put together a group of 13 artists, including Root Division residents Selene Foster, Rachael Jablo, Renetta Sitoy, and Jeremiah Jenkins. We're hoping at least one of them wheels in a rotating searchlight, but even if all we get is a few glow sticks and a 20-watt bulb, don't fret: The place will be set ablaze with shows by local acts Lemonade and 3 Leafs, site-specific sound performances, and a piece by decadent theater company Elastic Future.
Feb. 7-23, 2008

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