Razor Sharp

It's the opposite of a chick flick: Tony Kelly's play Blade to the Heat is a manly thing, brought to you in sweaty realtime. It's got no chick appeal, (although women like it fine) and it's not a movie with camera tricks or fakery. Instead, Blade is an onstage story about a boxer; a gay, mixed-race, fucked-up boxer confused by his own success in the rat-filled world of pugilism in 1959. This run is a revival of the Thick Description company's 1997 production of Blade, which was a hit -- sold-out and extended. Several actors reprise their roles, such as Rhonnie Washington and L. Peter Callender, and they're joined by newcomers like Johnny Moreno, Victor Ballesteros, and Carlos Baron. Latin jazz laces the show up tight as great accompaniment to a tale of quick, complicated men.
Feb. 18-March 16, 8 p.m., 2008

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