"Video Valentines": George Kuchar and Anne McGuire


Thursday, Feb. 14, at 8 p.m. ; $6; call 824-3890 or visit www.atasite.org.
Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia (at 21st St.), S.F.

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This Valentine's Day screening presented by SF Cinematheque features accomplished video artists George Kuchar and Anne McGuire. Both specialize in the short film, and plumb the depths — and heights — of close, often domestic, awkwardness. The result is witty, wry work perfect for breaking tension during a date. Kuchar, who teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute, serves up love via Vista Visions, a short film that promises dancing and "deep dish delights," then turns to the dark side with The Legend of Creepy Hollow, which visits the "home of a noted author who displays great hospitality to the horrors and kinks of artistic expression." He will also show Centennial, a "weather diary of sorts." McGuire aims for the melodrama of Cupid's holiday with All Smiles and Sadness, a soap opera that floats in noir-lit moodiness, and then goes for the bone with When I Was a Monster, which shows her contemplating the damage to her body after an accident in which she fell off a cliff. Kuchar and McGuire will be in attendance to answer questions or receive love notes.

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