Cracked Up

San Francisco is known as a crab town, which is odd, since the last time most locals ever cracked one is when they were on vacation with their parents before they moved here. Part of the problem is that most of our crab exists in pots on Fisherman's Wharf and costs nearly $20 a pop — the perfect recipe for scaring off natives. Today, however, the Celebrity Crab Festival moves the critters to a slightly less touristy spot, with a Founder's Day-like helping of hubbub and local to-do. The celebrities include a smattering of 49ers (Alex Smith, the kicker, maybe a linebacker), some cheerleaders, Sourdough Sam (mascot), the fire chief, Miss Chinatown, and — drum roll — the doorman of the Sir Francis Drake. They team up with nearly a dozen chefs from Union Square restaurants, and together they crack crabs as fast as they can. After the cracking orgy concludes, the chefs take over and start cooking while the locals, cash dependent as always, consider eating.
Sat., March 1, noon, 2008

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