Prim, Proper, Gay

The term itself is funny: Boston Marriage is code for "lady homosexuals," and it dates from the 19th century. Those who wish gayness didn't exist tend to stress that the term "may" mean two women living independently "of any male support" but "not in a sexual relationship." David Mamet isn't one of them. His play of the same name features two corseted, starched, lace-wearing, gun-wielding lesbians. In fact, in this play we even learn the old- fashioned term for booty call: "assignation." John Fisher directs Alexandra Creighton and Trish Tillman as the pair, who feud over an extracurricular assignation. See David Mamet at his gayest!
First Wednesday-Sunday of every month, 8 p.m. Starts: Feb. 6. Continues through March 9, 2008

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