Caught Up in the Rapture

New York–based Satoshi Tomiie is business partners with house music's two most famous DJs, running his label, SAW Recordings, as part of Frankie Knuckles' and David Morales' Def Mix empire. Tomiie first hit in 1989 with a delicate and melancholic tune called "Tears" (sung by Robert Owens), but his recordings as well as his label's output have gotten increasingly harder and edgier over the past few years; recent songs like "Virus" and "Scandal in New York" express a new darkness that veers into techno territory. Fresh from a tour stop in Bucharest, the jet-setting Tomiie plays in San Francisco on Thursday, Feb. 28, at Mighty at 9 p.m. Admission is $10; call 762-0151 or visit for more info. Tamara Palmer

New York's the Rapture has offered plenty of rock-based danceables over the past five years, from the blistering (2003's "House of Jealous Lovers") to the toe-tapping (last year's "Pieces of the People We Love"). The band is a mercurial amalgam of influences from punk to disco, something that should become clearer after watching its members spin other people's songs. Celebrate this leap year's extra day by dancing it away with DJs from the Rapture and "Blow Up" residents Jefrodisiac and Richie Panic on Friday, Feb. 29, at Rickshaw Stop at 10 p.m. Admission is $10 (21 and up) or $15 (18-20); call 861-2011 or visit for more info. — T.P.

Why should techno-tribal-funk collective the Mutaytor abandon its warm L.A. homebase in favor of Fogtown? Let's count the obvious reasons: The Mutaytor is (1) a Burning Man creation that (2) whirls out several dervishes' worth of twirling hula-hoop girls, (3) aerial acrobats and circus performers, (4) tattooed-and-dreadlocked belly dancers, (5) fire-spinners, and (6) more drum-circle percussionists than sunny weekends on Hippie Hill. It's like half the San Francisco scene crammed onto one stage. And sometimes it even throws in (7) a Chinese dragon dance.Have you seen the Los Angeles Chinatown? It sucks! Show those misguided Tinseltowners how it's done up here when the Mutaytor headlines the "Pirates vs. Clowns" party at 1015 Folsom on Friday, Feb. 29, at 10 p.m. Admission is $20; call 431-1200 or visit for more information. John Graham

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