Butch Is As Butch Does

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"Licking pussy is chivalry without pants." Discuss in small groups and be prepared to report back to the class on this issue. The quotation is from author, "gender-jammer," and playwright S. Bear Bergman, who seems to have a healthy obsession with the role of gentlemen in the contemporary world and is ready to talk about it at length at a lecture and discussion titled "A Re-Introduction to the Only-Mostly-Dead Art of Chivalry (Now! With 200 % More Feminism!)." Holding the door for someone of a more feminine gender than your own: sexist or chivalrous? It's an old question, but not when masculine people considering it either are or were biologically female. As more and more people physically change their gender, such queries become ever more interesting (and more feminist, hopefully, as Bergman implies). Who pays for dinner, for example? If you let a butch buy you dinner, does that mean said shorthair is going to expect you to put out? What if you are also a butch? Wait, that's not supposed to happen! With a signature quick wit and generosity towards everyone, Bergman's take on the issue is doubtlessly made up of many characteristically short sentences, some of which are contradictory. And cute. Or at least enlightening. Unless you're a dolt. Or not.
Wed., March 12, 7 p.m., 2008

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