The Tom-Tom Club

Stand-up comedy should be a standard part of your training to be an elected official, along with reading the Constitution, the words "separation of church and state," and the stuff scrawled on the Statue of Liberty's feet. Plenty of politicians don't seem to have read those things, any more than they have learned to stand onstage and get heckled and come bouncing right back for more. But District 9 Supervisor Tom Ammiano, also known as the "Mother of Gay Comedy," has done all of the above -- God, he must be a tough bitch by now. Heckle him at your peril as he performs at "Marga's Funny Tuesdays," Marga Gomez' weekly queer comedy showcase, along with Thai Rivera, a "fierce and funny and young Latino queer dude," according to Gomez (speaking of tough).
Tue., March 11, 9 p.m., 2008

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