Half Full

So two Welsh guys walk into a library, and find a million pounds. Well, not really a million pounds, but its literary equivalent: an unpublished, unknown, early Noel Coward play, Noel Coward being the metaphorical snotty younger brother of Oscar Wilde. That was last year, and the theater world went nuts, as Coward had become one of the most popular playwrights in the English language in the ensuing years As if that were not awesome enough, his "new" one-act play, The Better Half, was written (at age 22) for London's Grand Guignol company, and Grand Guignol is French for "what people used to watch before splatter flicks." Now, San Francisco's own gore-spewing GG company, the Thrillpeddlers, presents its U.S. premiere. The evening also includes a few traditional "terror plays" and a burlesque show, and one of the Welshmen who discovered the Coward play, Dr. Richard Hand (not making that up, it's his real name) is in attendance for the March 21 performance.
March 21-May 21, 8 p.m., 2008

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