Insider Art

Lamaldita and Comparulos are the pen names of a brother and sister art team, and they want to show you something. Walk into "The Prison Project" art exhibit, and you'll find his prison cell dimensions taped onto the floor. You can step right in, and see how close the toilet is to one of the bunk pillows. Next to it, in the same white tape on pine floorboards, the sister describes her apartment bathroom, which is tiny, but bigger than the cell. The group show is a menagerie of sharp visual remarks like the siblings': Arthur Huang and Sonia McKenna's sculptural Threads of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is a proportion trick that uses fluffy piles of six-inch-long threads to show how many of us are affected by incarceration. Much of the work is contributed by inmates of California prisons: Our favorite is Larry Machado's tiny glittering motorcycle made mostly of rodent bones.
March 14-29, 2008

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