Scowls in Bulk

In a recent issue of Hyphen magazine, Ali Wong asserts that fellow comic Bobby Lee's "lack of seriousness shows a serious dedication to kicking the shit out of the model minority myth." She's not kidding: The MADtv star says he got kicked out of high school and has been to rehab four times. Even better, he claims that "I might not be the best human being. I might be a racist and a pervert, but I know that I'm funny." At An Evening of a Thousand Scowls, the comedy lineup includes Lee as well as Tig Notaro, Al Madrigal, Jonathan Coulton, Ian Edwards, Davy Rothbart, and some TBAs. Don't worry too much about Lee, either: Margaret Cho has praised him, as have his loving cracker fans from Kentucky.
Sat., March 29, 7 p.m., 2008

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