Grass Geysers ... Carbon Clouds (Touch & Go)

Formerly a noise-rock vehicle for John Schmersal, Brooklyn's Enon is now a coed trio mixing shards 'n' sheets of noise with fuzzy production and bittersweet melodies. The shift evokes the question: What hath the Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, and Yo La Tengo wrought? The chief pop elements in Enon's sound are now the dulcet, slightly girlish voice of Toko Yasuda and nods to '80s synth combos — "Dr. Freeze" sounds like Berlin on crystal meth. Frantic rockers like "Peace of Mind" and "Mirror on You" recall Sonic Youth in its "Dirty Boots"/"Bubblegum" glitter/trash modes. There's a spot on college radio playlists waiting for the earnest, melodramatic "Colette" (insanely catchy chorus), and those nostalgic for Meat Puppets' warped variation on ZZ Top boogie will be sated by the blitz of "Those Who Don't Think." Though there isn't much originality present on Grass Geysers (at least for those whose memories go back more than 10 years), there is enough jittery noise-pop spunk to satisfy some devotees of the genre.

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