I Want My Mommy

Are we in the middle of a baby boom? Are we in the middle of a "gayby boom?" It seems like there are babies everywhere. Whatever the case, Judy Norsigian, Executive Director of the Our Bodies, Ourselves world reads, signs, and discusses Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth, which you should not birth without. At a time in your life when everybody and yes, their mother wants to give you advice, it's probably a good idea to check out what level-headed feminist researchers with medical training have to say, first, and go from there. We're betting they're not going to give you the old "Peasant women used to just squat in the field and then go back to work!" line. Instead, look for reasonable nutrition data, information about choosing a doc, and hopefully, advice for the "He bit my chapped nipple and now I hate him" moments with your little bundle of joy.
Tue., April 29, noon, 2008

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