Love It or Leave It

"Seems like half the kids in this town are so called 'artists.'" Thus sneereth a troll named "gfox" in the comment section of an SFGate story about a twenty-year-old woman -- an artist -- who died recently. We don't have the safety of anonymity (so perfect for cowards), but we agree with gfox. It does seem like the Bay Area is teeming with creative people. We wouldn't have tried to use that fact as an insult to the memory of an innocent person, but maybe that's just us. Whiny commenter, hear this: if you don't like artists, go back to Florida. Definitely don't attend any part of Bay Area National Dance Week, which not only abets but actually encourages expression through movement. Artist-hating commenters should also steer clear of one of the gems in San Francisco's totally arty crown: The Isadora Duncan Awards, aka the Izzies. See, the Bay Area has been full of "so called" artists for a very long time -- we named our dance awards after a world-famous and universally beloved artist of the 1920s. Among the nominees this year are Sean Dorsey (who we're pretty much calling out as the next Pina Bausch), the Loco Bloco Drum Ensemble with Fogo Na Roupa Drum & Dance Ensemble, and a number of aerial dance practitioners for whom San Francisco is nationally famous (Jo Kreiter, we're looking at you).

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Bay Area National Dance Week continues through May 4 at multiple Bay Area venues.
Mon., April 28, 7 p.m., 2008

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