We're In a Mission From God

The Mission District is better than any other neighborhood: It's sunnier, more stylish, and has more Latinos than practically anywhere else. Excellent! On top of that, the Mission has so many art studios, you could never walk to them all, not even over the course of a long weekend. Mission Open Studios means you can try, though. Organizers provide a map of some of the larger, warren-like studio buildings for just this purpose: We recommend you use the map, but also keep an eye out for bright signs as you scurry. Some notable artists who have cleaned the studio in anticipation of your visit: Beth Schuenemann, whose toyish landcapes look like Chris Ware got caught in a lego blender; Silvia Poloto, with her Raymond Saunders-inspired abstracts; and Lily Martine Baxter, she of the jaunty bright cell-forest paintings.
April 25-27, 11 a.m., 2008

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