Paging Ed Wood

The sci-fi epic Starslyderz spent four years in post-production, according to a Variety article. No, Michael Bay wasn't attached. But around 150 F/X people found on Craigslist were — that's where the filmmakers found their talent. They also got that talent to work for free, which is not so surprising when set against another startling fact: They shot the whole thing in a week and change. Nine days! Their total budget was 25 grand. What's going on? Backyard filmmaking, on an awesome, ridiculous scale. The 2006 movie is a sci-fi spoof, a hodgepodge of parody, tribute, and camp, with shitty jokes and some good ones (judging from the trailer, which is all we've seen so far). The graphics have a cheesy sweetness, as do the costumes, which are bright and awful and great. The dialogue is, well, here goes: "Right now, booty is my duty!" The film was a labor of love by writer and director Garrin Vincent, previously known for the three-hour Star Wars the Musical, which he created under the banner of the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School drama department. Yes, he was enrolled.

Tonight, Vincent and producer Mike Budde show up with their film at Dead Channels Presents the Starslyderz Experience.
Wed., May 7, 8 p.m., 2008

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