Peripatetic, Poetic, and Chic

In college, many of our friends were philosophy majors. In retrospect, this was a mistake on our part: Those people drink too much, and not for fun. Eventually, we realized they were full of crap when one of them told us we couldn't study philosophy unless we believed in God. "Didn't some of those philosophers exist pre-God? Socrates?" we wondered. At the Big Questions Philosophy Boot Camp, all you need to participate in this wandering rumination is to "come ready to be moved by thought." No dogma necessary, although it sounds like you could bring your dog. Dogs like to walk around considering whether the structure of reality is order or chaos, right? Guided by representatives of the thinkPhilosophy organization, subjects include epistemology, ethics, and ontology, among others, to be undertaken while strolling through the park, "like the peripatetic philosophers once did." Hopefully, some of these walks will end up with someone singing Monty Python's "Philosopher's Drinking Song" -- a talented performance of this gem is the one good thing some philosophy majors have to offer the world.

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Sun., May 11, 3 p.m., 2008

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