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The Six Percent Solution?

It's my party and I'll vote for whom I want to: Thank you for the article on Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez ["Party Crashers," 4/30]. I was dismayed at first that it was so negative, but then realized it was the most news I'd gotten on them from any source. I particularly liked hearing from Ross Mirkarimi, whose opinion I respect.

I checked out the Zogby poll, and writer John Geluardi was right: Nader and Gonzalez clock in at 5 to 6 percent, which surprised me. What a relief to know I'm not their only supporter! I've frequently heard from Democratic friends that I'm an idiot, a purist, egotistical — all the same charges that are made against Nader. I don't quite get how the abuse is supposed to get me to vote for their candidate. Maybe they're trying to induce Stockholm syndrome.

Now that I know 30 percent of Clinton voters plan to vote for McCain if Obama gets the nod, and that 6 percent will vote for McCain even if Clinton gets the nomination, I feel much freer in voting for whichever candidate I prefer. Maybe even Obama. If Democrats aren't complaining about Democrats who vote for Republicans, I don't see what the big issue is with Greens voting for Nader.

If you want my vote, give me someone to vote for. Isn't that what it always boils down to?

Mike Karpa

San Francisco

Nader at his nadir: You have our attention again, Ralph Nader. And if you help John McCain win, so be it. It's for a good cause: giving Ralph Nader the attention he so desperately needs!

As for his minion,Matt Gonzalez, that ubersensitive artist wannabe who is so special he does not have a TV, a car, an attractive hairdo, or a conscience: I, for one, am enchanted.

Michelle Lein

San Rafael

Ward Left Hole at KGO

Bernie, we hardly knew ye: I intentionally would get up early on Sunday mornings to listen to Bernie ["The Race to Replace Bernie Ward on KGO," Sucka Free City, 4/16] while washing the car, doing a few chores outside, etc. I miss him. He challenged me: my values, my faith. Whether I agreed with him or not isn't the point. Like a Jesuit, he is articulate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. KGO has taken another loss (Jim Eason is included.)

Jim Linderman


Praise for Russell

Both rare and well-done: Ron Russell's recent article re: UCSF Medical School and David Kessler ["Whistleblower," 4/9] was a rare piece of well-investigated, well-written, and seemingly neutral free-press journalism. I look forward to more of such excellent work.

Jason Z. Jungreis

San Francisco


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